Please take your time and enjoy Asian antiques from the ancient capital of Kyoto in your own personal space.

Some people may not be familiar with the term "Asian antiques" and may feel a bit intimidated, but there are as many ways to enjoy "Asian antiques" as there are people.
No matter what your interests are, what country you live in, or what design of house you live in, you are free to enjoy "Asian antiques" in any way you like.
At first glance, Asian antiquities may seem difficult to approach, but once you touch them, you will be fascinated by their loveliness, which is the interesting point of Asian antiquities.
Regardless of country or culture, Chaya's mission is to integrate Asian antiques into people's lifestyles.
The products we deal in at Chaya are antiques from various countries, not limited to Asia, but our main focus is on "Japanese antiques.
These items are carefully selected by antique professionals and purchased in Kyoto.
Please listen to the deep and mysterious history of the ancient capital Kyoto through our products.
There is surely a voice that only you can hear.
Let us help you find "Japanese antiques."